Eternal & Essential

It is easy to take for granted those who have influence me the most. One of those people, is my mother. Mother’s day is just around the corner. What are you going to do for your mom? How will you let her know that you appreciate her? Flowers? Chocolates? Whatever you do, do it from the heart. After all, she is your mom. She knows your intention :). 

As seen below and stated in a recent conference address, Elder M. Russell Ballard has stated “ There is no role in this life more essential and more eternal than that of motherhood.”Not only does the text depict the importance of mothers in our lives; but every element of the design. From the pastel colors and floral designs to the typography—all elements combined create a sense of elegance and beauty that help us to remember our mothers. Today we are going to focus on importance of typography in design. 

Image Source:

Author: LDS Church

There is no role in life more essential and more eternal than motherhoodScript

What catches your eye the first time you see this text? Most likely it is the beautiful italic script. This particular script could be categorized into script that connects. The size and weight of the font help to add emphasis to the ‘key phrases’ in the text. If you didn’t read the whole text, you would know that the text was about motherhood because of the sizing. Your eye is naturally drawn to it. Also this is true ‘italic’ because it transforms the form of the letters into different shapes. 


The thin, horizontal serifs on the lowercase letters, vertical stress and radical thick/think transitions in the strokes help us to identify the smaller text as modern type. Like mentioned before, the eye is naturally drawn to the larger script text; but that doesn’t mean the smaller text is any less important. The designer did a great job at maintaining a focus on the main purpose of what they were trying to communicate; mothers. The smaller text allows for contrast to be had with the script; which adds strength to the design as a whole. Modern text adds strength and dignity in the text. 


The sizing differences allows for contrast. The different types also give strength to the structure of the design. The overall color in the design use warmer colors for the text and cooler colors for the floral design. This is a nice design because our eyes attract to warmer colors and reed from cooler colors which also draws our focus right to the message. The modern text is placed strategically. The lines of modern text are always placed where the x-height of the script type is.  

The two text types together add the loving elegance and grace that mothers portray along with the strong, dignified role models that our mothers have become in our lives. The two types together are dynamic.



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