You Deserve it! Creative Advertising

You Deserve it! Treat yourself! (Words we all LOVE to hear, right?)

This week we took a creative twist to create an advertisement to call attention to a common, boring, household item. My choice? Toilet paper! To be honest, at first, I was thinking to myself, why would anyone do toilet paper? Well, I decided that it is one of those items that we all use regardless of age or status and that it would bring quite a challenge to the table. Hence, I created a design for Charmin Toilet Paper.

Target Audience

My focus was on single ladies ages 25-34 with an associates degree. She is making some good money with $90,000 or more and she enjoys watching TV and reading her favorite magazines in her free time. Every person deserves to feel great all the time! From the clothes you wear, to the people you surround yourself with, to the toilet paper you use, (etc!) all effect your mood and happiness. You deserve to feel comfortable and like royalty…so TREAT YOURSELF! Induldge a little bit. Don’t be cheap with your toilet paper—this is one area, that a few extra dollars goes a LONG way!

Charmin Magazine Toilet Paper Ad

Magazine Ad

It is very important to me to help bring the target audience the things they are feeling they need inside my ad. First, I am here to appeal to females between ages 25-34 with an associates degree. To Celebrate that success, I incorporated the  ambitious, young lady graduating.

She is making $90,000 all to herself. Therefore, TREAT YOURSELF! You deserve it–with some nice and soft Charmin!(You won’t regret it!)

Single life can be rough at times. It has its positive moments, but it can be lonely.(I can’t speak for everyone, but just from experience I have seen, this has been the case. )  I didn’t want any of those feelings to be portrayed in the ad. So! To help out with that, I used Bold, feminine, rich colors to help create the feel that “you are beautiful! You have the power to do hard things and rock it!” I also used the fonts: Party time and Beyond the Mountains. I felt that these were fitting fonts because they help women realize that they need to take time for themselves and treat themselves!

TV Advertisement

Design Principles in the Ad

Now for a few design tips. I aligned the ‘You Deserve this” and the call to action together since the red banner extends over the whole ad.

I used complementary colors of green and red to create contrast and using photoshop, I layered each of the objects one over the other!

I also chose two fonts that contrasted one another; a serif font (party time) and a script/decorative font(Beyond the Mountains). This is visually appealing to the eye because of the contrast as well! Also, I felt the decorative font added a little bit more feminine feels.

Lastly, I love this background It is clean and simple. Prior to this shrub background, I had a backdrop of trees. It was MESSY! Backdrops change the feel of the whole entire advertisement and I am so glad that I changed it because it definitely cleaned up my ad 100%!


I also did my best to follow the rule of thirds in both of the advertisements; especially in the TV Ad. Hopefully this helped spark some ideas for you and in creating advertisements of your own! Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Happy 4th! Oh! And don’t forget to treat yourself with some Charmin at your 4th of July Celebration! 🙂

Shout outs!

Fonts: Beyond the Mountains & Party time found on (If you haven’t checked out this site all ready, Highly recommend!)

Graduation girl:  

Toilet Paper: my main man! My husband was so patient through this whole process. I couldn’t find the right picture of toilet paper….so! We improvised and he became my hand model.

Backdrop: Jannoon028 from

Charmin Logo: Google Images



I can hear the Bells

I can hear the Bells

Think for one minute. What comes to mind when you hear ‘She said yes!’ or ‘I can hear the bells’. What about ‘Marriage, is what brings us together today!’. WEDDINGS. Weather you are preparing for your big day, or waiting for Mr. Right to get off of his feet and to propose all ready, and maybe you are still looking for the ‘one’; lets be honest: We have been planning our weddings for a very, VERY long time.

So many elements go into your perfect day: the cake, the ring, the venue, the videography,  and so much more!You deserve THE very best! It is your big day. The last thing I hope you feel while you are preparing for your wedding is stressed. This should be the happiest time of your life! Lets talk. Heart to heart.  I was married just over a year ago (woot woot!) and I have a few suggestions to help lessen the stress of your wedding plans.

Icon Board of wedding designs

A word for the designs:

One question that I was asked MULTIPLE times when I was preparing for my wedding was, ” What are your colors!?. That plays a big part in you wedding day.  I wanted my icons to display feminine and beautiful colors that represented special elements in every girls special day! The repetition in the designs unifies the icons together and helps all elements of the wedding come together! This is why your color scheme at your wedding is also very important: it will unify all elements of your day. Also, each icon, obviously, represents some special elements for your wedding that I’d like to discuss! The ring, Cake, venue, and most importantly, the Videographer!

Bling, Bling look at that ring!

When my husband and I were dating, and we knew that we were close to gettting engaged, he asked me about which style of ring I liked. (Let’s be honest, we ALL have looked on pinterest searching for our perfect fit long before this conversation occurs!) Initially I told my husband that I just wanted him to surprise me! (thinking that I had dropped plenty of hints all ready). But he was very smart and said ‘You are the one who has been dreaming of this ring AND you are the one who will wear it every day, I want it to be something you like!’. So! Moral of the story, be open with your fiance! We have a very specific idea of your ring. I am SO glad I told my husband what I liked, I have never ever regretted it and I absolutely love my ring.


First, the cake. Choose what you like! Shop around and look at your options. Be open minded to new ideas and make it your own. I love red velvet cake; but I realized that with a white dress, that might not make the cut! I was not about to ruin that dress. Make it your own! If you love cupcakes; consider a cupcake tower. One of my best friends loves cinnamon rolls; so for her cake, they staked three big cinnamon rolls together. It was brilliant! Also, talk to your fiance early on about how you’d like to cut the cake.  Are you going to simply feed each other the cake? Or playfully ‘shove’ it in each others face? Talk beforehand; you don’t want any hurt feelings 🙂



Choose a venue that will reflect your values and your personality. Is there a park that you and your lover like to go for a picnic? Do you love the beach?  Is there a place of sentimental value to you or your family? Is there a reception center that you’ve always adored? What about a church or a religious venue? Whatever it is, MAKE IT YOUR OWN! The venue will set the tone for your entire day (and it will be the background of your pictures FOREVER!)LDS Temple

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My wedding ceremony took place in a LDS Temple. In the LDS church we believe that when we are married there, we can be with sealed (or bound) to our families forever! We do not say ’til death do you part’ because we believe that death is not the end and that we can be with our families forever. I am so glad that I was able to be married in the temple because it was something that I had worked so hard for and it had such a special place in my heart. It is a place I can continue to visit often and every time I go back I am reminded of the amazing day my wedding was!


Smile! You’re on Camera!

Now, for what, I feel, is THE most important element of the day, is the need for a good photographer and even more important: a videographer. You might ask, ‘really? A videographer? Why is that so important?’ Camera

Well, unfortunately your wedding day is only 24 hours. It will go by SO quickly and it is hard to remember every single detail.  A wedding Videographer is able to capture the way your fiance looks at you when he first sees you in your BEAUTIFUL dress. It captures the smiles of your family members and friends who come to support you. It captures the twinkle in your father’s eye as he dances with his little girl. It will capture the moments where you smile at your new forever partner throughout the day . It will capture you and your new husband as you run out of reception celebration together hand in hand.  And SO Much more. Those little moments are what make the day so important. Yes, the cake, the dress, the hair, the makeup, venue, etc. are fun and important; but it is the memories and the people and the small tender moments that make the day so special.

I absolutely love looking back on my wedding video and reliving the best day ever! You do NOT want to forget this day. One thing I love about our video is that on the hard days and happiest days, I can pull our my video and watch it over and over again and rekindles that newly-wed love. Don’t ever let that die down 🙂

What holds you back from your own, personalized wedding video? More often than not, I can guess what you will say: Budget. Well guess what! I would LOVE to create a affordable first look, wedding video, and/or reception video for you! Contact me at for rates and dates! I hope to create an affordable and personalized video just for you! Lets talk & make this your best day yet!


Make it your own. It is YOUR day. Don’t try so hard to please others that you forget what you really want in your wedding. And hey, congrats on your big day! I am so excited for you! But don’t forget–you don’t want to forget this day! Lets make a video together!