Capture The World!

Capture the World with EOS 80D.

Cannon has always been innovative and top quality in their camera quality. In 2016 Cannon introduced their ‘Capture the World Campaign’ to role our the EOS 80D Camera. It encourages upcoming photographers to get out there and design! Also, it is SO easy to capture life these days. I would say at least 95% of us carry a device with us at all times that has the capability to take picture, video, etc—especially ages 18-30. You have NO reason or excuse to not document your life!


You can do this! Getting out there as a photographer/videographer is difficult. I am an aspiring photographer myself and I know how  incredibly intimidating and nerve wracking it can be. But! The thing is, if you really want something, there comes a point where you have to jump over those insecurities and realize that you can do hard things!(I’ll be honest, some days I am better at overcoming these insecurities than others!) But you can do it! TRUST YOURSELF & get out there to ‘Capture the World’. You’ve got a story to tell  🙂

Above, is the original ad ‘Capture the World!’

Below, is my take on the ad & add onto the campaign. I felt that this advertisement appealed to the target audience because it was a mix of ‘feel good colors’. Also, it encourages adventure, courage, and trying new things!


Type is SO important. If there is one thing I have learned recently, it that typeface brings the ‘feels’ to all advertisement. The Serif & Calligraphy font adds the perfect amount of contrast. It is fun and playful, yet it also brings a strong sense of adventure & courage! Within the text itself, I feel that it encourages the viewer to get out there and explore the beautiful world around us. In the original ad. In order to recreate the advertisement, I went to & found two fonts. The first is the watermelon calligraphy  font & then I used the red velvet serif font.


Rule of Thirds. So important. In the original ad, the camera and caption is alligned right down the middle three sections of the rule of thirds. I tried to replicate that same allignment in my advertisement with the camera placement. Although my text is in the upper right, I still kept the rule of thirds throughout the image.


In the advertisement, the color palette is a variety of pastel colors. It is a customized analogus color scheme. The blues and greens have the same undertone and the yellow and pink also match in undertone. I chose this specific color palette because on social media recently, I have noticed that a lot of the advertisments I have seen have this type of color pallete when talking about travel, photography, or exploration. The colors aren’t overbearing but they definitely allow the viewer to sit and gaze at the photo as a whole and dream for themselves.


Capture the World Campaign


Girl in gray shirt taking a photo: from Pexels. 

Eiffel Tower:; Author: Thorsten

For more design info: Final Project Visual Mediax