Conversions & Trial and error!

I’ve always wondered how businesses were able to figure out how productive their sites were. & what I found out actually really surprised me! It is a lot easier than I had ever realized! How? With Google Adwords’  “conversion” page!

Google AdWords defines conversion as ” An action that’s counted when someone interacts with your ad (for example, clicks a text ad or views a video ad) and then takes an action that you’ve defined as valuable to your business, such as an online purchase or a call to your business from a mobile phone.” How cool is this?! Basically, it is a tracking device that allows you to chart how someone is interacting with your site & it is actually quite easy to set up!

First and foremost, you have to determine where you’d like to place your conversions. For me, the conversions take place on my contact site & when my guests submit their forms. I decided this would be the most effective place for me to chart conversions because this is my main contact between me and clients!

Click here to learn how to set up the rest of your conversion tracking on your site!

Next, I wanted to just mention the importance of trial and error when using google Keywords. I realized that my quality scores were so low (even non existent) on some of my keywords. I was pretty disappointed because I had worked really hard on what I thought was the perfect list of keywords! This has helped me realize that keywords are a work of trial and error! Different keywords might spark different interests at varying times of the year, the climate, the environment, styles, trends, etc! They are always changing! For example, I went back to the drawing board trying to think of some new and improved keywords & ideas that I had…..I realized that if someone was getting married in the winter, they might search “Winter Wedding ideas” instead of simply ‘wedding’.  Since ‘Winter Wedding Ideas’ is more specific to the climate, the time of year and the ‘style’ of wedding, I am hoping this will generate traffic. Thank heavens we can change our keywords at our leisure! Don’t be discouraged, its part of the fun to try new words and see how they are working and if they are actually helping out! Trial and error is the key.

Best of luck!



Specifics matter!

Have you ever typed a VERY specific question into a google search? & then expected there to be an exact answer? I totally have. I won’t deny it! When it comes to my own questions for google, I am always very specific. However, as I was creating my AdWords campaign, I realized I was being very generic in my keywords that I was choosingHave you ever typed a VERY specific question into a google search? & then expected there to be an exact answer? I totally have. I won’t deny it! When it comes to my own questions for google, I am always very specific. However, as I was creating my AdWords campaign, I realized I was being very generic in my keywords that I was choosing. However, in the article “Creating a Successful Campaign” there were a few specific things I learned in utilizing a more ‘focused approach’.

First, I was taught to ‘Segment my Campaigns’. I learned from the article that because I am the one who knows the product inside and out I can ‘relate the product or service exactly to the prospect researched’. How can I do this? For my film business, It might be beneficial to take a few minutes and break down each of the products I am offering and really determine what it is that I am trying to do with each product.

The second pricinple that stood out was to be granular. The dictionary defines granular as ‘resembling or consisting of small grains or particles’. Initially my site was focused on the Utah and Idaho Region; but after reading this, it reminded me that there are so many capabilitie with the internet these days, that I should be utilizing specific locations, cities and regions to help reach a more specific audience.

I highly recommend checking out the rest of the article! It offered some fantastic insight and ideas that I hadn’t thought about before.


Capture The World!

Capture the World with EOS 80D.

Cannon has always been innovative and top quality in their camera quality. In 2016 Cannon introduced their ‘Capture the World Campaign’ to role our the EOS 80D Camera. It encourages upcoming photographers to get out there and design! Also, it is SO easy to capture life these days. I would say at least 95% of us carry a device with us at all times that has the capability to take picture, video, etc—especially ages 18-30. You have NO reason or excuse to not document your life!


You can do this! Getting out there as a photographer/videographer is difficult. I am an aspiring photographer myself and I know how  incredibly intimidating and nerve wracking it can be. But! The thing is, if you really want something, there comes a point where you have to jump over those insecurities and realize that you can do hard things!(I’ll be honest, some days I am better at overcoming these insecurities than others!) But you can do it! TRUST YOURSELF & get out there to ‘Capture the World’. You’ve got a story to tell  🙂

Above, is the original ad ‘Capture the World!’

Below, is my take on the ad & add onto the campaign. I felt that this advertisement appealed to the target audience because it was a mix of ‘feel good colors’. Also, it encourages adventure, courage, and trying new things!


Type is SO important. If there is one thing I have learned recently, it that typeface brings the ‘feels’ to all advertisement. The Serif & Calligraphy font adds the perfect amount of contrast. It is fun and playful, yet it also brings a strong sense of adventure & courage! Within the text itself, I feel that it encourages the viewer to get out there and explore the beautiful world around us. In the original ad. In order to recreate the advertisement, I went to & found two fonts. The first is the watermelon calligraphy  font & then I used the red velvet serif font.


Rule of Thirds. So important. In the original ad, the camera and caption is alligned right down the middle three sections of the rule of thirds. I tried to replicate that same allignment in my advertisement with the camera placement. Although my text is in the upper right, I still kept the rule of thirds throughout the image.


In the advertisement, the color palette is a variety of pastel colors. It is a customized analogus color scheme. The blues and greens have the same undertone and the yellow and pink also match in undertone. I chose this specific color palette because on social media recently, I have noticed that a lot of the advertisments I have seen have this type of color pallete when talking about travel, photography, or exploration. The colors aren’t overbearing but they definitely allow the viewer to sit and gaze at the photo as a whole and dream for themselves.


Capture the World Campaign


Girl in gray shirt taking a photo: from Pexels. 

Eiffel Tower:; Author: Thorsten

For more design info: Final Project Visual Mediax


You Deserve it! Creative Advertising

You Deserve it! Treat yourself! (Words we all LOVE to hear, right?)

This week we took a creative twist to create an advertisement to call attention to a common, boring, household item. My choice? Toilet paper! To be honest, at first, I was thinking to myself, why would anyone do toilet paper? Well, I decided that it is one of those items that we all use regardless of age or status and that it would bring quite a challenge to the table. Hence, I created a design for Charmin Toilet Paper.

Target Audience

My focus was on single ladies ages 25-34 with an associates degree. She is making some good money with $90,000 or more and she enjoys watching TV and reading her favorite magazines in her free time. Every person deserves to feel great all the time! From the clothes you wear, to the people you surround yourself with, to the toilet paper you use, (etc!) all effect your mood and happiness. You deserve to feel comfortable and like royalty…so TREAT YOURSELF! Induldge a little bit. Don’t be cheap with your toilet paper—this is one area, that a few extra dollars goes a LONG way!

Charmin Magazine Toilet Paper Ad

Magazine Ad

It is very important to me to help bring the target audience the things they are feeling they need inside my ad. First, I am here to appeal to females between ages 25-34 with an associates degree. To Celebrate that success, I incorporated the  ambitious, young lady graduating.

She is making $90,000 all to herself. Therefore, TREAT YOURSELF! You deserve it–with some nice and soft Charmin!(You won’t regret it!)

Single life can be rough at times. It has its positive moments, but it can be lonely.(I can’t speak for everyone, but just from experience I have seen, this has been the case. )  I didn’t want any of those feelings to be portrayed in the ad. So! To help out with that, I used Bold, feminine, rich colors to help create the feel that “you are beautiful! You have the power to do hard things and rock it!” I also used the fonts: Party time and Beyond the Mountains. I felt that these were fitting fonts because they help women realize that they need to take time for themselves and treat themselves!

TV Advertisement

Design Principles in the Ad

Now for a few design tips. I aligned the ‘You Deserve this” and the call to action together since the red banner extends over the whole ad.

I used complementary colors of green and red to create contrast and using photoshop, I layered each of the objects one over the other!

I also chose two fonts that contrasted one another; a serif font (party time) and a script/decorative font(Beyond the Mountains). This is visually appealing to the eye because of the contrast as well! Also, I felt the decorative font added a little bit more feminine feels.

Lastly, I love this background It is clean and simple. Prior to this shrub background, I had a backdrop of trees. It was MESSY! Backdrops change the feel of the whole entire advertisement and I am so glad that I changed it because it definitely cleaned up my ad 100%!


I also did my best to follow the rule of thirds in both of the advertisements; especially in the TV Ad. Hopefully this helped spark some ideas for you and in creating advertisements of your own! Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Happy 4th! Oh! And don’t forget to treat yourself with some Charmin at your 4th of July Celebration! 🙂

Shout outs!

Fonts: Beyond the Mountains & Party time found on (If you haven’t checked out this site all ready, Highly recommend!)

Graduation girl:  

Toilet Paper: my main man! My husband was so patient through this whole process. I couldn’t find the right picture of toilet paper….so! We improvised and he became my hand model.

Backdrop: Jannoon028 from

Charmin Logo: Google Images


I can hear the Bells

I can hear the Bells

Think for one minute. What comes to mind when you hear ‘She said yes!’ or ‘I can hear the bells’. What about ‘Marriage, is what brings us together today!’. WEDDINGS. Weather you are preparing for your big day, or waiting for Mr. Right to get off of his feet and to propose all ready, and maybe you are still looking for the ‘one’; lets be honest: We have been planning our weddings for a very, VERY long time.

So many elements go into your perfect day: the cake, the ring, the venue, the videography,  and so much more!You deserve THE very best! It is your big day. The last thing I hope you feel while you are preparing for your wedding is stressed. This should be the happiest time of your life! Lets talk. Heart to heart.  I was married just over a year ago (woot woot!) and I have a few suggestions to help lessen the stress of your wedding plans.

Icon Board of wedding designs

A word for the designs:

One question that I was asked MULTIPLE times when I was preparing for my wedding was, ” What are your colors!?. That plays a big part in you wedding day.  I wanted my icons to display feminine and beautiful colors that represented special elements in every girls special day! The repetition in the designs unifies the icons together and helps all elements of the wedding come together! This is why your color scheme at your wedding is also very important: it will unify all elements of your day. Also, each icon, obviously, represents some special elements for your wedding that I’d like to discuss! The ring, Cake, venue, and most importantly, the Videographer!

Bling, Bling look at that ring!

When my husband and I were dating, and we knew that we were close to gettting engaged, he asked me about which style of ring I liked. (Let’s be honest, we ALL have looked on pinterest searching for our perfect fit long before this conversation occurs!) Initially I told my husband that I just wanted him to surprise me! (thinking that I had dropped plenty of hints all ready). But he was very smart and said ‘You are the one who has been dreaming of this ring AND you are the one who will wear it every day, I want it to be something you like!’. So! Moral of the story, be open with your fiance! We have a very specific idea of your ring. I am SO glad I told my husband what I liked, I have never ever regretted it and I absolutely love my ring.


First, the cake. Choose what you like! Shop around and look at your options. Be open minded to new ideas and make it your own. I love red velvet cake; but I realized that with a white dress, that might not make the cut! I was not about to ruin that dress. Make it your own! If you love cupcakes; consider a cupcake tower. One of my best friends loves cinnamon rolls; so for her cake, they staked three big cinnamon rolls together. It was brilliant! Also, talk to your fiance early on about how you’d like to cut the cake.  Are you going to simply feed each other the cake? Or playfully ‘shove’ it in each others face? Talk beforehand; you don’t want any hurt feelings 🙂



Choose a venue that will reflect your values and your personality. Is there a park that you and your lover like to go for a picnic? Do you love the beach?  Is there a place of sentimental value to you or your family? Is there a reception center that you’ve always adored? What about a church or a religious venue? Whatever it is, MAKE IT YOUR OWN! The venue will set the tone for your entire day (and it will be the background of your pictures FOREVER!)LDS Temple

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My wedding ceremony took place in a LDS Temple. In the LDS church we believe that when we are married there, we can be with sealed (or bound) to our families forever! We do not say ’til death do you part’ because we believe that death is not the end and that we can be with our families forever. I am so glad that I was able to be married in the temple because it was something that I had worked so hard for and it had such a special place in my heart. It is a place I can continue to visit often and every time I go back I am reminded of the amazing day my wedding was!


Smile! You’re on Camera!

Now, for what, I feel, is THE most important element of the day, is the need for a good photographer and even more important: a videographer. You might ask, ‘really? A videographer? Why is that so important?’ Camera

Well, unfortunately your wedding day is only 24 hours. It will go by SO quickly and it is hard to remember every single detail.  A wedding Videographer is able to capture the way your fiance looks at you when he first sees you in your BEAUTIFUL dress. It captures the smiles of your family members and friends who come to support you. It captures the twinkle in your father’s eye as he dances with his little girl. It will capture the moments where you smile at your new forever partner throughout the day . It will capture you and your new husband as you run out of reception celebration together hand in hand.  And SO Much more. Those little moments are what make the day so important. Yes, the cake, the dress, the hair, the makeup, venue, etc. are fun and important; but it is the memories and the people and the small tender moments that make the day so special.

I absolutely love looking back on my wedding video and reliving the best day ever! You do NOT want to forget this day. One thing I love about our video is that on the hard days and happiest days, I can pull our my video and watch it over and over again and rekindles that newly-wed love. Don’t ever let that die down 🙂

What holds you back from your own, personalized wedding video? More often than not, I can guess what you will say: Budget. Well guess what! I would LOVE to create a affordable first look, wedding video, and/or reception video for you! Contact me at for rates and dates! I hope to create an affordable and personalized video just for you! Lets talk & make this your best day yet!


Make it your own. It is YOUR day. Don’t try so hard to please others that you forget what you really want in your wedding. And hey, congrats on your big day! I am so excited for you! But don’t forget–you don’t want to forget this day! Lets make a video together!

Once Upon A Time

Where does your imagination take you when you hear the words, “Once upon a time”.

Adventure? A Journey? Adversity? Heart ache? True Love? What about Happy endings? What about all of the above! (That would be my answer for sure!). No matter what age group, I feel that every human being can somehow relate to ‘Once upon a time.’

In April 2010, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s  gave a talk entitled “Your Happily Ever After”. He speaks of how each of us has an opportunity to create our own Happy ending, regardless of the circumstances are placed in our way. This particular article has literally carried me during times of trial, gave me hope, and remembered that no matter what, God loved me.

Design Choices

The focus of my Magazine spread is for girls from the ages of 12-18 to recognize their inner beauty and most of all to feel love. Teenage years can be brutally lonely and it can be difficult to have confidence. Ladies, you are worth it! There is so much to be grateful for. You can do hard things and you are BEAUTIFUL.

Most of these girls will confess that they are ‘grown up’ at this point of their lives and much too old for fairytales; but let’s be honest…. the dream of having a perfect “Happily Ever After” never subsides, even (and especially) during the teenage years.

Bookmark your fairytale

One reason I love to read fairytales is because whenever the book begins with ‘Once upon a time’, I am assured that no matter what happens during the story, a ‘Happily Ever After’ is most likely going to accompany the ending. Which is why I decided to incorporate and repeat the bookmark shape at the beginning and the end of the article. I felt that it added it added the element of ‘closure’ that we all deep down desire.

All about the Color

I wanted to create a color scheme that would be feminine and warm (purples and yellows) but then also have a sophisticated flare (blues). Because I am focused on young women between ages 12-18, I added the brighter purple hue to add that youthful feel but then to satisfy our 18-year-old, ‘mature’, crowd I added a softer purple.


You’ll see two different fonts in my spread. First, a sans serif font called Helvetica. It is simple and basic, but it contrasts well with the decorative font ‘Youth and Beauty’. I was drawn to the ‘Youth and beauty’ text type for multiple reasons. First, the name. Teenage years can be rough! More than anything I hope that President Uchtdorf’s message along with my design can help teenager girls see their inner worth and true beauty. Also, I felt that this text created a feminine and lovely atmosphere and set the tone for the article.

Let your photos tell the story

The photos I used for this magazine spread came from two photoshoots that I shot within the last few months that I felt related quite well to the audience for my spread.First, the photo of my friend Loryn making a wish. The photoshoot where this was taken was for her senior portraits. I tried to utilize the ‘rule of thirds’ in this photo to help the eye naturally draw to the dandelion. Let’s be honest; we can ALL relate to this photo and cannot even look at it without wondering—what would I be wishing for right now?!

Photo by Michelle Hall

The second photo is of my friend Mercedes. She heads out on her mission this week to Kentucky. As a missionary as well as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we read the Book of Mormon and believe it to be the word of God. As this will be a part of Mercedes focus of the next 18 months, I tried to use the principle of leading lines to draw the focus to the message she will be sharing found in the Book of Mormon. I felt this picture helped capture a few things for my audience. First, is in order to make obtain their Happily Ever After, they need to have faith. Also, a mission is a big decision. At this time of their lives, big decisions come at them from EVERY angle. I hope that this picture helped them to realize their need for God in times of big decisions.

Missionary & Book of Mormon

Photo by Michelle Hall

You got this!

Don’t give up on YOUR happily Ever After. You deserve it just as much as anyone else. It is up to you to decide if you are going to make it. Choose now what you will do when life is at its best and at its worst. As President Dieter F. Uchtdorf states in his this article, “it is how you react to adversity that determines how your happily ever after will play out.” You got this!


For more information on how to find your happily ever after (and to read or watch the full text to the article) visit

Better Photos in 3…2…1!

Better photos in 3….2…1!

For as long as I remember, I have always loved photos. However, I’ll be honest, my photos have mostly been just another average Utah Girls photo collection. Thankfully, this class has taught me some great life lessons and skills! Truly, great photos can be taken by each of us! Three principles I have learned in my visual media course that have helped train my eye for better photos include 3 simple tips that, if used, have helped me gain a greater appreciation for the art of photography! Other than the photos I took myself, I found all of my photo examples from

Rule of Thirds

The Rule of thirds states that if you should separate an image into nine points.  You should  then do your very best to place your focus in your photo on the intersections or along the lines of your ‘thirds’. This creates a balance within the photo. Below is an image found on of which I think is a great example of the rule of thirds.  Go ahead, look at the image. Where does your eye naturally go first? Was it the camera? Me too.

Camera Man

The person is set right along the right hand line. The main camera, which is the focal point of the image, is drawn right at the intersection of the image making it easy and clear for the viewer to recognize what the photographer was focusing on. Your eye naturally is drawn to the image and the rule of thirds adds emphasis in the drawing. This is all apart of the rule of thirds!

I decided to try out the principle of thirds on my nephew, Connor.  In the first image, he is centered. The photo is nice, but watch this!(Scroll to 2nd photo)  When I applied the principle of thirds (as seen in image two) voala! The image is a lot more balanced and helps focus the eye right at Connor. It also complemented the natural background around him. Before using the rule of thirds, you could see the background, but not as much. Now, using the rule of thirds, you can not only see the background, but it complements the focal point.

Baptism Pictures

Leading Lines

This is one of my favorite principles that I have learned so far. One reason I love photos is because they help tell or create a story in our minds. You can get to know someone very quickly by looking through their pictures.  The principle of ‘leading lines’ can do the same: tell a story. Lines entice your eyes right into the picture. What I mean by that is that images that follow this principle are almost asking you to ‘jump in’ and take a journey with them! Don’t’ believe me? Look at the image below.

Runners on the Bridge

Notice how the couple is happily running along the path? Just ahead of them, another couple is falling in love walking on the bride. Where are they headed? I don’t know but I sure want to go with them. It seems to be leading to some awesome place if all of those people are moving toward it. The walkway, fencing, down to the nails in the bridge draw our eyes into the picture naturally. The principle of leading lines draw our attention into photos quick and powerfully. 

2017 senior photos

Senior pictures

My picture was taken a few months ago when I took Senior pictures for Loryn.  The leading lines on the road take you straight from her graduation focus down a beautiful path. This photo, of the many I took that day, has always caught my eye because the lines naturally draws my attention into the photo. 

Depth of focus

It has been my experience in life that those I am closest to are those that I take the time to get to know the most. Surface conversation can get old really fast; and those friendships don’t seem to last too long.  Same principle applies in photography. When a photo has depth, you are more likely to be drawn into the image. Our minds automatically separate the layers from one another. One type of depth of focus that is increasingly popular is when there is a shallow depth of field. This occurs when your subject is in focus but the background is not. When everything is in focus, this is a deep depth of field. Typically, the depth of focus will have three areas. The foreground, or the main and central focus, the middle ground, and the background.   In the picture below, the girl is in a shallow field of focus. The background is a little more blurry and foggy which leads our eyes primarily to the girl contemplating her life. The girl, herself is in the foreground.

My example of depth of focus is a little silly, but it was a project that my husband and I had a good time with. At our house, we love when Buddy our ‘Elf on the Shelf’ comes and visits us each year. That could be a post in and of itself. This is a picture I took for my nieces and nephews showing that I ‘caught Buddy on camera eating our candy!’ Anyway! Back to depth of focus. Buddy is the main focus. He is in the foreground. The middle ground of the photo is the present and the blue ornament. The Background is our lovely living room. Depth can help us get a feel for our surrounds and what the ‘atmosphere’ of the photo is.

Elf on the shelf

That’s a Wrap!

There you have it. Three simple and easy tips to help increase your ability and techniques in photography. I am excited to start implementing these tips into my own photos as well. Don’t rush yourself when taking a shot. Take your time. Ask yourself, where is my subject placed (rule of thirds), is there any lines I could use to draw my viewers in? (leading lines), and where is my focus (depth of focus). You got this! Now go for it!

Eternal & Essential

It is easy to take for granted those who have influence me the most. One of those people, is my mother. Mother’s day is just around the corner. What are you going to do for your mom? How will you let her know that you appreciate her? Flowers? Chocolates? Whatever you do, do it from the heart. After all, she is your mom. She knows your intention :). 

As seen below and stated in a recent conference address, Elder M. Russell Ballard has stated “ There is no role in this life more essential and more eternal than that of motherhood.”Not only does the text depict the importance of mothers in our lives; but every element of the design. From the pastel colors and floral designs to the typography—all elements combined create a sense of elegance and beauty that help us to remember our mothers. Today we are going to focus on importance of typography in design. 

Image Source:

Author: LDS Church

There is no role in life more essential and more eternal than motherhoodScript

What catches your eye the first time you see this text? Most likely it is the beautiful italic script. This particular script could be categorized into script that connects. The size and weight of the font help to add emphasis to the ‘key phrases’ in the text. If you didn’t read the whole text, you would know that the text was about motherhood because of the sizing. Your eye is naturally drawn to it. Also this is true ‘italic’ because it transforms the form of the letters into different shapes. 


The thin, horizontal serifs on the lowercase letters, vertical stress and radical thick/think transitions in the strokes help us to identify the smaller text as modern type. Like mentioned before, the eye is naturally drawn to the larger script text; but that doesn’t mean the smaller text is any less important. The designer did a great job at maintaining a focus on the main purpose of what they were trying to communicate; mothers. The smaller text allows for contrast to be had with the script; which adds strength to the design as a whole. Modern text adds strength and dignity in the text. 


The sizing differences allows for contrast. The different types also give strength to the structure of the design. The overall color in the design use warmer colors for the text and cooler colors for the floral design. This is a nice design because our eyes attract to warmer colors and reed from cooler colors which also draws our focus right to the message. The modern text is placed strategically. The lines of modern text are always placed where the x-height of the script type is.  

The two text types together add the loving elegance and grace that mothers portray along with the strong, dignified role models that our mothers have become in our lives. The two types together are dynamic.


Sealife Splash Accessories

AD Charming Charlies

Sealife Splash

Charming Charlie

Since 2004, Charming Charlie’s is dedicated to have every color, style and accessory you could ever dream of! Their mission is clear: ‘to help every woman, everywhere, find her fabulous.” ( This sealife splash advertisement mixes the daily business life with a day at the beach. With the color, alignment, repetitive patterns, contrast, and proximity found in this advertisement, you will soon come to realize that you just might need a to swim into the ocean and buy some of this jewelry yourself!



Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 6.29.28 PM

Every Charming Charlie’s store is set up according to monochromatic color stations. There advertisements fall into the same category. This specific ad uses a monochromatic palette of a variety of different tones and shade of blue. They all complement one another.


Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 6.34.11 PM

The Jaw and shoulder lines of the model and the main text in the ad are aligned together. This helps to establish a sophisticated and classy look to the ad. The paragraph text is flush left which helps to continue that sense of sophistication. Also, the because the font sizes go from large to small, it helps guide the eye from top to bottom.


Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 6.34.34 PM

The repetition between the aqua text and jewelry help to combine the ad and the look together. Notice the model is wearing Seashells? That also contributes to the repetition it immediately caught my attention and I began to look for other ways that the advertisement used seashells and if there were any other elements that tied in with the ‘sealife’ theme of the advertisement.

Another example of repetition is the aqua text. ‘Sea life’ is in an aqua color as well as ‘Shop now’. This helps the viewer to connect to the focus point of the ad which is that “Sea worthy jewelry can be yours if you ‘shop now’.


Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 6.34.49 PM

The pop in the lipstick color as well as utilizing a dark navy blazer add contrast and ‘flavor’ to the ad. The lipstick obviously makes the advertisement stick out; but regarding the focus of the advertisement, the dark navy allows the viewer to focus right in on the sea themed jewelry that the advertisement is built to focus on. The stark contrast allows the view to enjoy the details in the jewelry and helps the aqua color to ‘pop’.


Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 6.35.07 PM

As mentioned above, the sizing of the font starts out large and moves to a smaller size which creates a natural eye movement. It leads the readers eye from top to bottom and back to the top again.


So, were we right? You are ready to purchase a sea life accessory, right? The overall design is sophisticated and chic. As mentioned above, Charming Charlies mission statement is to help women ‘find their fabulous’ and the model in the picture looks like she has discovered hers. The color scheme coupled with the contrasting lipstick creates a feminine elegance. The Alignment and proximity create a sense of strength and dignity. It adds confidence in her appearance and in her fashion choices. Each principle works together to assists one another to help complete and complement the design.